Wednesday, May 26, 2004

From Brooke:

you guys are slacking, you're welcome to use my guac recipie:

3-4 fresh avocados (should be soft if you squeeze them, but not
green onion
fresh cilantro
random fresh peppers
a roma tomato
cream cheese
tobasco sauce

cut the avocado right in the middle, all the way around (there is a pit)
spin/twist the two halves apart and take out the pit.
with a large spoon, take the green "meat" out of the skin and put in a
using a fork, potato masher or food processor, mash and make a paste out
of your avocados.
add a spoon full of cream cheese
add the juice of your lime
add about half of a chopped green pepper
add other random peppers, I usually finely chop up a jalapeno to lurk in
there for my non-spicy food friends
dice the tomato add that
add some sliced green onions
add some shredded cilantro, just a few ends all torn up
salt to taste

in a skillet, cut up about half of an onion, diced again works, and cook
it over a medium heat with a generous amount of tobasco sauce for 5
minutes or so, just so they soak up the flavor but don't burn/dry out.
add the onions
mix it all up
serve with tortilla chips or with whatever Mexican dishes you know how
to make

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